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Almviks Gårds Bakery

Sinikka Bäppler (Srivatsa devi dasi) has managed the bakery
at Almviks gård for twenty years. She bakes bread with ecological cereals and uses local
grown products as much as possible. All the wholemeal flour is
grinded in her own stone mill before baking. She also produce musli, buns etc.

Sinikka sells her bread in Järna (Coop Konsum, Nibble Handelsträdgård),
in Stockholm (Gryningen, Cajsa Warg, Ica at Folkungagatan)
and in the Farmers Market at Södermalm.


Manager, Almviks Gårds Bageri and flee market

Phone: 08-551 521 96
Mobile: 0736-24 31 28