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The guesthouse is closed for renovation, expected to open again the 1'st of May

Welcome to visit us and stay in our guesthouse!
There are 2-4 beds in every room and two bathrooms and
a pentry to share. We have 7 guestrooms.

Almviks gård

Prices: Price per person 150SEK/night
Children 5-12 years 75 SEK/night.
Children under 5 for free
Sheets 70 SEK/per person
Cleaning 150SEK

Rules for comfort, to be able to maintain a peaceful and spiritual atmosphere
we'll require all our guests and visitors the following:
no illegitimate sex, only vegetarian food, no drugs,
no gambling of money and a quite and calm behavior.


We want to have low prices for our guests, so please clean your room
after your stay. If you want cleaning, tell us when you are
reserving the room. Please remember to inform us
if you want to eat in the temple.